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Issue C62126

Extend/Verb problem with synonyms
Submitted by: Roger Firth     Appeared in: Compiler 6.21 or before     Fixed in: Compiler 6.30

Consider the second and third directives, which respectively prise apart 'ccc' from its synonyms 'aaa' and 'bbb', and then apply further synonyms to the redefined 'ccc':

  [ DoItSub; "Done it."; ];

  Verb 'aaa' 'bbb' 'ccc'
      * noun           -> Doit;

  Extend only 'ccc'
      * noun 'in' noun -> DoIt;

  Verb 'ddd' 'eee' = 'ccc';

Except that that isn't what happens. Instead, the 'ddd' and 'eee' synonyms are applied to the original definition of 'ccc':

  Verb 'aaa' 'bbb' 'ddd' 'eee'
       * noun -> Doit

  Verb 'ccc'
       * noun -> Doit
       * noun 'in' noun -> Doit
Solution (by Michael Coyne)

The problem is in verbs.c, in extend_verb, around lines 700. dictionary_set_verb_number is called to update the verb number for the "extended" verb to the new one, but no one ever fixes the entry in English_verb_list.

I have changed find_verb to find_or_renumber_verb and added a *new_number parameter. If new_number is NULL, the function returns the matching number, as the old find_verb did. Otherwise, it renumbers the match to *new_number. I did it this way because find_verb was only called in two places, and I figured this made more sense than duplicating the code and changing one line.

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