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Up until the close of 2005 this site was built and maintained by an informal committee, including the following members:

Chairman: Graham Nelson
Host: Peter Seebach
Librarian for links and patches: Roger Firth
Librarian for the Glulx virtual machine: Andrew Plotkin
Librarian for extensions and translations: Emily Short
Additional maintenance, Apr 2003-: Cedric Knight
Host, -2004: David Cornelson

Thanks to Andrew Plotkin and Cedric Knight, the site was recovered after it went down late in 2012 and then moved to a new home. It's now maintained by a rather smaller group:

Host: Andrew Plotkin
Librarian: Brady Garvin

If you should discover any errors, misrepresentations or omissions, please submit a bug report.

Last updated 30 March 2002. This web site has not been fully supported since April 2008. Information may be out of date. This page was originally managed by Graham Nelson (graham at gnelson demon co uk) assisted by C Knight.