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1. Where is the IF community?

Interactive fiction has always had devotees, who may be designers or players or both, and many of whom have been around for much of its history. Currently, the principal gathering places are

  •, a forum frequented by both authors and readers,
  • the ifMUD, a multiuser, IF-like space well suited for realtime discussion, and
  • the IFDB, or interactive fiction database, where IF is announced, reviewed and rated.

Planet IF, an aggregator that tracks IF-related posts from numerous blogs, is also a good way to keep tabs on recent developments.

Between 1992 and the early 2010s, the two Usenet newsgroups

were popular, and they remain useful places to search when one has a question that may have been asked before.

The Alexandrian Library of the interactive fiction world is called the IF Archive:

Its unrivalled collection of early and modern IF, including dozens of design systems besides Inform, makes the archive the essential port of call for the IF tourist.

Finally, this site has several hundred links to other IF resources worldwide. Many are specific to particular needs, but for general browsing see Inform - Resources - Links.

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